Alcohol addiction

Subjects Psychiatry and psychotherapy, Psychology and Sociology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
Organ systems Psyche
Main symptoms Craving, development of tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, loss of control, neglect of other interests, persistent use
Summary In Germany, men drink more frequently and more heavily than women (12-month prevalence): 15.6 % of men reported risky consumption (vs. 12.8 % of women), the particularly dangerous variant of binge drinking is overrepresented among them with 46.8 % (vs. 21.9 %), and according to DSM-IV, abuse with 4.7 % (vs. 1.5 %) as well as dependence with 4.8 % (vs. 2.0 %) are clearly above the values of women. The occurrence of the criteria of both diagnoses is most frequently observed in young adulthood and decreases steadily with age. Before the age of 18, the frequency and severity of alcohol consumption are rather the same for both sexes, i.e. the male dominance with regard to alcohol abuse and dependence only develops in adulthood.

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