Alcohol addiction/Quiz

The questions in the quiz refer to the article on the expert article on alcohol addiction.



Which answer regarding the prevalence of alcohol dependence is correct?

In Germany, men drink alcohol more frequently and in larger quantities than women.
Alcohol dependence is clearly more common among men, alcohol abuse among women.
Alcohol abuse and dependence occur most frequently in old age.
The male dominance of dependence already develops in adolescence.


Which of the following statements about the pathophysiology is not true?

Women show an increased vulnerability to the toxic effects of alcohol.
At similar alcohol levels, men react more aggressively on average than women.
Alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, pharynx and oesophagus, especially in women.
Alcohol consumption is associated, among other things, with spontaneous miscarriages or the development of a disorder from the range of foetal alcohol syndrome.


Which statement regarding possible therapies is not true?

Men seem to benefit more from clear structures (such as in Alcoholics Anonymous).
Women are more likely to need groups where emotions are worked through and skills such as self-confidence or self-efficacy are practised for treatment success.
For women, gender-homogeneous groups are more recommended, as topics relevant to them can be discussed better this way.
For men, social support is a factor that has a stronger influence on both the uptake of therapy and the success of treatment than it does for women.