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Data Privacy Statement

The Westphalian Wilhelm's university of Münster collects, records and processes personal data exclusively pursuant to the applicable provisions of data privacy law. Personal Data is collected, recorded and processed only where required within the scope of the contractual relationship or the provision of information requested by you (the contracting party).

The platform GenderMed-Wiki is supposed to be a platform for exchange and knowledge on “sex differences between men and women during diagnosis and therapy of various diseases”. It will primarily serve scientific purposes. Accordingly, this likewise includes the presentation of personal data of affected individuals at scientific congresses, publications and hence marketing measures associated with it. Beyond this, the Westphalian Wilhelm's university of Münster will not pass your personal data on to a third party for the means of marketing, such as advertisement or market and opinion research, without your explicit consent. In addition, the Westphalian Wilhelm's university of Münster itself will not use your recorded personal data for those very means without your (explicit) consent.

The Department of Clinical Radiology is responsible for the content of the website under the Federal Data Protection Act
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The Westphalian Wilhelm's university of Münster does not warrant for timeliness, accuracy, completeness or quality of provided information. The Westphalian Wilhelm's university of Münster is not liable for material or nonmaterial damage or injury caused by the usage or non-usage of the provided information, respectively the usage of defective or imperfect Information, but excluding any liability for injury or damage caused solely by intent or gross negligence on the part of the WWU.