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For a long time, the consensus within biomedical research and clinical medicine was that disease processes do not require the consideration of sex and gender aspects and that studies including male subjects only allowed for the generalization of both sexes. Recent studies have shown that the incidence, symptoms and progression of many diseases differ between sexes, rendering this perspective obsolete and resulting in an increasing amount of interest in the role of biological and sociocultural factors in medicine. This is an important first step toward personalized medicine. With personalized treatments, patients are no longer to be perceived as a homogenous population. Genetic and social factors are to be taken into account in order to make personalized diagnostics and intervention possible. The basic consensus is that illnesses are just as diverse as those who suffer from them.

A detailed introduction to sex/gender-specific medicine can be found in Module 1: Sex/Gender and Medicine.

GenderMed-Wiki as an Open Exchange Platform

GenderMed-Wiki serves as an educational exchange platform on topics relating to sex and gender aspects in medicine. Expert knowledge on the impact of sex and gender in diseases and their treatments is gathered and expanded upon through interaction with the scientific community. Our aim is to significantly increase the integration of sex/gender aspects into medicine to improve in the long run healthcare for both sexes. GenderMed-Wiki thus offers scientists and those in the healthcare system (e.g. physicians, students, teachers at med school, health insurance companies) the opportunity to obtain the latest information on sex/gender-specific medicine , receive answers to related questions and converse with colleagues. GenderMed-Wiki not only enables access to professional articles, but also provides educational material (e.g. case studies and slides) for teachers and students in medicine. Posting of international employment opportunities with an emphasis on gender-specific topics can be found as well.

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The Project

GenderMed-Wiki is a joint initiative of the medical faculties in Münster, Duisburg-Essen and Innsbruck, as well as the GECKO Institute for Medicine, Informatics and Economics of Heilbronn University.

The project Development of an Exchange Platform “GenderMed-Wiki” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the project number 01FP1506. The authors assume responsibility for the provided content.

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