Anxiety Disorders

Subjects Psychiatry and psychotherapy, Psychology and Sociology, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
Organ systems Endocrine system, Psyche
Main symptoms Vegetative overexcitability, Avoidance, Misinterpretation of body signals
Summary Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders. Epidemiological studies show that about every fourth person suffers from at least one anxiety disorder in the course of their life. The symptoms of the respective anxiety disorders (apart from ethnic nuances) are quite comparable in different cultures. In contrast, studies show that there are gender differences between women and men with anxiety disorders: Anxiety disorders are diagnosed about twice as often in women compared to men, and this difference in prevalence seems to already exist in youth. Women report significantly more frequent fear of expectations or (agoraphobic) avoidance behaviour, suffer more often from specific phobias and are more likely to have another comorbid Axis I disorder such as major depression or another anxiety disorder. In the case of an anxiety disorder, women seek medical support significantly more often and are more likely to seek specialised treatment. Men (possibly related to this) have a longer course of illness on average.

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