Sex and Gender Differences in Suicide and Suicidal Tendencies

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Summary Men commit suicide three times as often as women, whereby women more often attempt suicide. While women tend to show parasuicidal behaviour, men usually choose more aggressive methods. At the same time, 70 percent of all suicides occur in the context of a depressive illness. The increased suicide rate with a lower suicide attempt rate in men compared to women is scientifically discussed as a gender paradox. For both sexes, the suicide rate (suicides per 100,000 persons of the general population per year) increases with age, but for men it is much higher: While the suicide rate for women between 85 and 90 years of age is about 15, significantly more men of the same age group commit suicide (suicide rate of 73.2). In total, 2603 women and as many as 7287 men suicided in Germany in 2012.

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