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The questions in the quiz are related to the article on pain. Questions may have more than one correct answer. Select all that apply.



Which statement/s is/are true?

Women suffer from almost all types of pain more often than men.
Women show a lower pain sensitivity and a higher pain threshold.
Women in the menopause are particularly affected by pain and pain disorders due to a decrease in estrogen concentration.
Men are more likely to seek medical treatment for pain.


Sex differences consist in the exogenous and endogenous modulation of pain. Which of the following statements are correct??

Hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to an increased sensitivity to pain.
Dopaminergic sex differences seem to explain the primary clinical symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Women seem to have reduced endogenous pain inhibition compared to men.
Estrogen contributes to an increase in NMDA receptor excitability. This can then contribute to a significantly stronger central sensitization in women compared to men.


Psychosocial factors can significantly influence the perception of pain. Which statements are correct in this respect?

Women tend to have catastrophic thoughts that correlate with a poor subjective state of health and modulate the sex difference in pain perception.
Studies show that men report lower pain levels when they are cared for by a female investigator rather than a male investigator.
Stress leads to higher pain sensitivity, especially in men.
Men with certain chronic pain (e.g. oncological pain) are more likely than women to develop depressive symptoms.