Substance use disorders/Quiz

The questions in the quiz refer to the article on the expert article on substance use disorders. Multiple responses are possible



Which statements are true regarding epidemiological data of substance use disorders?

For most substances, the prevalence of general, risky or dependence-indicating use is significantly higher among men than among women.
The dominance of the male sex with regard to most substances mostly manifests itself already in adolescence.
On average, men do not consume larger amounts of the same substance than women.
The 12-month prevalence of painkiller dependence is higher among women than among men.


Sex hormones can have some influence on substance use and dependence, although it is difficult to look at hormonal effects in isolation. Which statement is false in this regard?

Chronic use of oral contraceptives has not yet been identified as a risk factor for substance use.
Oestradiol in women enhances the rewarding effects of substance use.
In the first phase of the cycle (follicular phase), oestradiol rises sharply, which also increases craving for a substance.
In both sexes, the testosterone level seems to be predictive of alcohol consumption.


Which of the following statements are correct?

Paradoxically, women develop dependence more quickly, with typical phases of substance use also occurring earlier or more quickly.
Men are more likely to use substances for pleasure, whereas women use them to suppress negative affects (e.g. anxiety, depression or stress).
Men seem to benefit less than women from therapies with clear structures, such as those in Alcoholics Anonymous.
For women, social support is a factor that influences both the acceptance of therapy and the success of treatment more strongly than for men.