Somatoform Disorders/Quiz

The questions in the quiz refer to the article on somatomform disorders



What is the correct answer regarding sex differences in the prevalence of somatoform disorders?

In general, men suffer more frequently from somatoform disorders than women.
An age effect is particularly noticeable in women.
A sex difference can be observed in each diagnostic category of somatoform disorders.
In the case of body dysmorphic disorders, no clear sex difference can be determined.


Which of the following statements does not represent a possible cause for increased somatization patterns in women?

Women show a more pronounced body awareness and a higher vigilance towards physical processes.
Women are significantly more likely to suffer from depression and/or anxiety disorders.
During the follicular phase of the female cycle a higher sensitivity to pain can be observed.
In experimental studies, women show a lower perception threshold and a lower pain tolerance in the presentation of pain stimuli compared to men.


What is the correct answer regarding the symptoms of somatoform disorders?

There seem to be more differences between the sexes than similarities in the symptoms of somatoform disorders.
Symptoms last significantly longer in women than in men.
Women are more likely to have comorbid mental disorders.
The symptom-related suffering pressure seems to be equally high in both sexes.