The questions in the quiz are related to the article on pruritus. Questions may have more than one correct answer. Select all that apply.



Despite the limited number of studies, some sex differences with regard to pruritus can be proven. Which statements are correct in this respect?

Men and women do not differ in the sub-types of itching.
In women, neurological or psychological disorders are more frequently the cause of pruritus than in men.
In addition to itching, women suffer more often than men from diseases of the urinary and sexual organs.
Skin diseases and systemic diseases are more often the cause of pruritus in men.


Various studies have already examined sex differences in itch processing in PNS and CNS. Which study results are correct??

Women show a stronger reaction to the itch-inducing substance histamine than men (stronger itching sensation, stronger skin reaction).
There do not seem to be any sex differences with regard to the qualities of the itching sensation.
In men, there is a stronger neuronal activation of those brain regions that are involved in the planning of action (i.e. the planning of scratching).
In women, there is a stronger neuronal activation of those brain regions that are responsible for decoding touch stimuli and for emotional assessment.


The psychosocial level plays an important role in pruritus. Which statements about psychosocial factors are correct?

Women seem to perceive itch more strongly than men, but the level of suffering does not differ.
Women with pruritus are more likely to suffer from anxiety and/or depression than men.
It is possible that feelings of loss of control and helplessness promote depression, especially in men with pruritus.
Pruritus seems to reduce the quality of life of women more significantly than in men.